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Country Walk Full Remodel

This home got a complete makeover. From exterior paint & a rear terrace to a brand new layout. This particular client wanted to make more space in her home as she hosts several guests at a time on a regular basis. Creating an open-layout in common areas have become very popular as of recent. We were able to remove the walls she wanted without issue as they were non-load bearing. Once we demoed the full space, then began the reconfiguration

This client uses her kitchen a lot and wanted to create a large yet practical kitchen space. We were able to meet all of her needs by creating a 9 1/2 foot long island cabinet in a crisp navy blue finish featuring two ovens on each end and a large cooktop & range hood in the center, custom-height wall cabinetry to the ceiling, a custom-shaped angled pantry cabinet to maximize space in the corner of the kitchen, a wine cooler and more. We added recessed lighting throughout the space to improve the lighting to compliment the open-layout floor plan.

She decided to go with a gray/earth-tone wood plank tile to tie in some of the contemporary-style upgrades made. One of the nicest features added was custom-built fireplace cabinetry. It features a custom-height fireplace cabinet finished in shiplap paneling accented by a brick façade and two side cabinets for storage.

The guest bathroom was also remodeled at the same time so that the new floor tiles can continue into the bathroom. She went with a blue vanity to create a sharp contrast just like we did in the kitchen with the island cabinetry. The subway tiles were chosen in a similar tone to the floor tiles in order to allow the blue vanity to be the focal point.

The exterior was painted to match the theme of the interior. Another key feature was the addition of a rear terrace to provide some much needed shade in the backyard.

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