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A deeper look into our how we bring project's to life!

Follow us as we detail our projects as we complete them so you can see exactly what it's like to remodel your home. You might be surprised how much fun it can be!

Italian-Style Kitchen Remodel in South Miami, FL


We really enjoyed working on this the project from day one. The clients were extremely nice and awesome to work with. Also, we love taking on drastic transformation projects like this one.

The home in question is very old & hadn't had any work done on it for several years. The current homeowners purchased the house from a self-proclaimed "contractor." As you can imagine, there were a lot of corners cut & rig jobs throughout the house. Aside from the kitchen, we remodeled a lot of other items in the house such as plumbing, framing, etc. However, the focal point of the project was the kitchen.

The original kitchen layout was very different from the finished product. For starters, the electrical panel was on the wall where the new refrigerator is located; which required relocation through the crawl space & attic. The beautiful wood flooring you see in the photos was covered by subflooring & tile that needed to be removed; which led to this wood flooring needing some TLC via buffing & staining to give it the sharp, crisp finish.

As for the original layout, the kitchen had peninsula cabinets that provided minimal seating and interrupted the flow of the kitchen. The small table adjacent to the kitchen awkwardly filled in the remaining space created by the ill-designed layout. The kitchen was also very dim due to having only a few light fixtures and no natural lighting.

So the goal for the new kitchen would be to maximize the layout & make it feel as big as possible.

In an effort to maximize the kitchen layout, we eliminated the peninsula cabinets & replaced them with a kitchen island where the table was before and across from the rest of the cabinetry to incorporate that area into the main kitchen layout as well as provide practical seating & storage options. In order to make that happen, we had to run additional electrical wiring through the crawl space to provide power for two outlets & for a double wine cooler. Kitchen islands are very nice on their own but a double wine cooler took it to a whole 'nother level.

Another way that the kitchen layout was improved upon was installing custom-cabinetry that rised up to the level of the ceiling. That vastly increased the amount of storage throughout the kitchen. Last but not least, we were able to expand the cabinets along the wall where the electrical panel used to be which resulted in the addition of a large pantry next to the refrigerator.

In regards to the optics of a large kitchen area, the expanded kitchen cabinetry definitely helped but we were able to make a couple key additions that really made a difference. The first being the cabinetry color. An all-white kitchen makes the space look much larger than it actually is. Most people have a negative view towards all-white kitchens. We get it. It could look kinda plain sometimes. That's where the small details come in to play. They make the kitchen stand out.

Take the cabinet finish for instance. It's not sharp-white. It's more of an off-white finish. They also have the element of texture to give it an Italian-style. The quartz countertop has soft, gray veins that normally might not stand out but in a predominantly white kitchen like this one, it contrasts beautifully. And finally, the backsplash. A blended finish of white, stainless steel & glass tiles pop out at you in between the base & upper cabinets.

To add to the detailed kitchen finishes is the upgraded electrical configuration. Eight recessed LED light fixtures, three pendant LED light fixtures & under-cabinet strip lighting is a massive upgrade in comparison to the measely two light fixtures of the previous kitchen. The daylight white light bulbs are the icing on the cake in pulling off the illusion of the room being larger than it is.

To wrap it up, the two goals for the kitchen were to maximize the kitchen layout and to create the illusion of a larger look to the kitchen area. The clients were extremely satisfied with the result and felt the goals were not only met, but that we superceded them.

Take a look at the project photos and let us know what you think!

This project was located near the South Miami, FL area. If you'd like to schedule a free estimate for a remodel project, give us a call or book an appointment a website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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