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Master Bathroom Remodel - Carrara Marble

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

This has been one of our favorite bathroom remodels to date. It's always fun when you get to create custom bathroom features. As you can see from the photos, this client spared no expense in creating her dream bathroom.

The carrara marble tiles give this bathroom a timeless, classy look. The gray-stained, all-wood vanity from Wayfair has a carrara marble countertop to create a sense of continuity with the shower tile design. As we focus our attention on the shower design, this is where we get into the fun details.

The client wanted to shower storage that was both practical & elegant. That's where we took the traditional shower niche and split it into three small shower niches with dark mosaic tiles to accentuate the already stunning carrara marble tile design. Along the same wall is an independant shower head & handheld combo system with separate control valves.

Directly underneath the window in the shower is another unique bathroom feature; a built-in shower bench dressed in carrara marble tile with solid-black quartz on top for a smooth seating area. The solid-black quartz matches perfectly with the dark mosaic tiles to further accentuated the carrara marble design.

Surrounding the shower area is dark bamboo hardwood floors to create a sharp contrast with the carrara marble tile design. The soft bluish-gray wall-paint color creates a perfect blend amongst the contrasting bamboo wood floor & tiles.

Last but not least, a simple & elegant vanity light fixture highlights a pristine vanity set while a small, lovely chandelier illuminates the rest of the bathroom.

This beautifully-designed master bathroom remodel is located in Kendall, FL. If you live near the area or in South Florida in general, we'd love to work with you on designing and creating your dream bathroom. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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